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Introduction Agri-Tech Personnel Recruitment Services Agri-Tech Personnel was founded in 1975 with a focus on technical recruiting for the grain processing industry. Since then it has grown to become a worldwide search and placement service to agricultural, food and related industries.
Our Expertise Our expertise includes Food and Agribusiness Careers including... Farm Cooperative/ Farm Supply Management and Operations and Sales Grain merchandising and logistics Feed and livestock production management Sales and sales management in feed, grain and food products; agronomy, animal health, ag chemicals and equipment.
Employers Employers Time is money. Productive employees make you money. The hiring process can drain your staff's energies taking valuable time from core business responsibilities. Engage a professional that can quickly understand staffing needs, relate to business culture, adhere to industry ethics and align with expectations for your company's success. Engage Agri-Tech Personnel today.   Learn More
Candidates Candidates Career paths can be uncharted maps. You have a sense of the direction you want to go but you can you go it alone? We make doors open. Take the high road. Engage a professional in career-pathing. Engage Agri-Tech Personnel today.

Our Mission:

Matching the best people with the best jobs through insight, ingenuity and integrity.



We know the industry and what constitutes qualified, reliable and effective employees for your business



We conduct exhaustive searches, network and utilize proven marketing methods to find and qualify candidates



We live by it, stake our future in it and drive our daily business by it.